About me

Commuter Cook is a food blog dedicated to obsessed with helping people get dinner done every night of the work week.


I’m Lori, your host. Born and raised in small town Canada, I started Commuter Cook in 2015 after leaving Toronto and moving to Melbourne, Australia with my meat-loving husband, KDS. Currently, I have a day j-o-b as a Communications and Marketing Manager so, for now, the blog is a passion project on the side.

The idea for the blog is based on my 8+ years of experience working full-time, commuting and cooking dinner every night. As someone who loves to cook, and cares about what they eat, at first I worried that commuting meant I was destined for a life of takeout, store bought or frozen pizza (err, wait—pizza is ok, especially on Fridays). The good news? I learned that with a few tweaks to my approach, I could get dinner done while still commuting crazy hours. I may not be formally trained chef but I do know how to get dinner done in RL (real life). Fast (healthy!) dinners are my jam and this blog is dedicated to sharing everything I know.

Here are a few more fun facts about moi:

  • How I survive my two-hour daily commute: Spotify Premium
  • Favourite day of the week: ThursdayCommuter Cook - About Me
  • Nicknames that only my sister uses: Lor, Betty, Bets, Tortoisehead
  • Guilty pleasures: Doritos (Original always and forever), 80s style cheese balls, the Y&R, celebrity gossip
  • Things that I don’t like that people think is weird: fruit in my dessert, fried pickles, shopping
  • Last meal on earth: cheese (multiple, including an 80s style cheese ball), bread (multiple, including a crusty WHITE baguette) and wine (multiple, including champagne to start)
  • Things I wish I were better at: dancing, not breaking stuff in my apartment, fashion, not being late
  • Happy places: Fraser Island with the three best friends that anyone could have, Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada and the brown couch in my mother’s basement


My food philosophy

Food is a very personal thing. There are so many reasons why we eat what we eat, everything from our cultural background, to our diet and health, where we live, our family size and personal preferences.

For me, I grew up eating a pretty standard diet of meat/veggies/starch and have slowly transitioned to a diet that is less meat, more veggies and always starch. Cooking has been a constant. My mother believes in the importance of a home cooked dinner and I do too, even if you’re super busy and don’t have a lot of time. I also believe:

  • …that habits make us healthy. Cooking is an important one.
  • …that dinner shouldn’t take a lot of time or rely on meal prep every weekend.
  • …that we all need to eat less meat, if only for the planet’s sake.
  • …that life is too short not to eat cake. Or cookies. Or peanut butter anything.

So, I have my reasons for my eat-everything, vegetarian-leaning, carb-loving dinner ways. And you have yours. I’m not here to judge—I’m just here to show you how to make it fast.


Where to go from here

Learn more about how I get dinner done.