A fresh start to the New Year (2017 Weeknight Dinner Survey)

January 5, 2017
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Welcome to 2017 friends. It’s been a while, yes? Sorry folks. I took a bit of a Christmas-y hiatus but fully back in the saddle of Real Life. I hope your holiday was filled with family, peace and all tha cookies. We were in Perth, Western Australia (where KDS hails from) for my first EVER Australian Christmas, which obviously, is a lil’ bit different than the traditional North American affair. While I definitely missed the whole ‘white Xmas thang’, turkey + fixins and family reunion (specifically with these guys plus the full Blahey gang), I did very much enjoy the relaxed Australian Christmas vibes, spending time with the in-laws and in-friends (is that a real word?) and 30 degree heat.

So the verdict on my first Aussie Christmas?

? ?

Our time in Perth was also the perfect way to end the year that was 2016 and re-charge before getting ready to slay like Beyoncé. So, with that in mind, what does 2017 hold? Well for moi, hopefully many exciting things (obvi) but it’s starting off on a GREAT note considering this girl is coming for a visit in February. Woot!

Blog-wise, the goal (for now) is to stick with the program: my continued obsession with fast dinners (across all walks of food lyfe), time-saving hacks, meal planning (forever and always) and gettin’ organised in yo kitchen. Frequency will also likely remain the same—unless, of course, I win the lottery and can quit my day job…or YOU win the lottery and give me some lots?—so you’re looking at about every other week.

Now, beyond this general fuzzy blog plan for 2017, I want to take this time to get some inspo and feedback from you lovely readers to help me plot out the posts for the year. Why? Well the simple reason is that I want to make the blog as helpful and relevant to as many people as possible and while I’m intimately familiar with what I like, what dinnertime challenges I face and what I need, your situation may be completely different.

So I wanna know more about YOU and that’s why I’m asking you to take 5 minutes and complete my weeknight dinner survey. There are only 7 questions so it’s fast and easy, kinda like my recipes.

Pretty please?

Yes! Take me to the 2017 Commuter Cook Weeknight Dinner Survey

(Disclaimer: There is no prize for completing the survey [sad face]. Just a sincere thank  you and big ol’ virtual hug from me. ?  I hope that will suffice?)

With that, cheers to the New Year and here’s to making the most of your clean state.

Happy cooking!

Deb’s homemade pizza dough for busy people Lentil bowl with roasted vegetables and tahini drizzle

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